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Elk Hunting

"Every moving thing that lives 

shall be food for you. And as I 

gave you the green plants, 

I give you everything."

~Genesis 9:3

We pride ourselves in offering some of the highest quality outfitted elk hunts in the entire country. Our guides are seasoned hunters and woodsmen who have worked with us for many years. Each of our guides is well experienced in the sport and art of elk hunting and each of them is intimately familiar with our hunting properties. This combination results in a high degree of success for our elk hunters year after year, both archery and rifle alike. We have had and we continue to have, numerous repeat clients, many of whom have hunted with us for years.

New Mexico 
Archery:  September 9th- 14th
       September 19th- 24th 

Rifle: October 3rd-7th
October 11th- 15th
October 19th- 23rd
October 27th- 31st

On private land, 1 guide per 2 hunters. Includes meals accommodations, packing out, and skinning of game taken.
Bag limit on New Mexico elk hunts is 1 bull 5 x 5 or bigger. We usually maintain and 80% kill on bull elk, year after year. 

New Mexico hunt Fee:

$7, 950                       TOTAL
(No drawing for Elk license)
October 20th- 24th
November 3rd- 7th

  • Elk Licenses available over the counter. 
  • 5- day guided hunts on private land. 
  • 1 guide per 2 hunters, meals, accommodations, packing out game taken.
  • Bag limit is 1 elk 5 points on one side of larger.
  • $7, 500 per hunter.