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   Season Updates:
 2017 Hunting Season Update

2017 is not gone yet, but things are changing. Here, at 7,200 feet, we are getting our first snow of the autumn. It won’t be much, but the message is clear: Snow in the high country and after a very warm, dry fall, it is time to locate the snow boots, gloves, wool pants, gaiters and all the rest of the equipment that winter demands. 

To report on our summer, I can only say that many of the wilderness trails were cleared of down timber just in time for our fall hunts. Our bighorn sheep hunter took his 9 year old Ram very effectively. After that our guided archery elk hunters did quite well with most shooting at elk and with most of the arrow shot elk being recovered. 

The guided elk hunts are almost over with the overall take being in excess of 80 percent. We do have openings for 2018 elk hunts as listed below: 

New Mexico Archery elk, guided with one guide per hunter and on private land. No drawing for license. 

New Mexico Rifle elk hunt, guided with one guide per two hunters and on private land. No drawing for license. 

After Thanksgiving we will begin to hunt for Mountain Lion, and we do have some availability. The state license is available over the counter. We are on a Quota System and can hunt thru March or until the quota is filled. 

If we can help plan a hunt for you just call or email, 
Mike and Dick Ray

November 16, 2016


68 degrees and no snow in sight – very rare for this place. Normally the stock ponds and small lakes are frozen over by now and

waterfowl have moved on south, not so this year.


The most severe winters for wildlife usually begin with heavy snows in October and continue on, resulting in winter kill. The good 

news this year is that the mule deer will go into rut fat and sassy and the bull elk are able to regain weight lost during the rut. When winter does come the elk will be ready for it.


The Colorado lion season begins November 21st but really won’t be productive and in full swing until the snows come. Not only does

snow help with track identification but when prey migrates down from the high country the lions are soon to follow. We have openings for lion hunts in Colorado and New Mexico, now thru March of 2017.


Our two bighorn sheep hunters each collected their ram. Each was proficient with their rifle and took but one shot each, and at long distances. Our guided elk bow hunters did very well in New Mexico as did our rifle elk hunters. Colorado was not as productive for elk although the deer hunting was good.


We presently have openings on Elk hunts in New Mexico:

   Archery;  September 9-14, 2017


Rifle elk;  October 1-5, October 8-12, October 15-19 and October 22-26, 2017


Our fee is $7,500 for rifle or bow hunts for elk in New Mexico.


The fee for a lion hunt is $5,500 for up to a 7 day hunt, New Mexico or Colorado.


If we can give you any more details just call or email.

Good Hunting to you!


December 4th, 2014 – 45 to 50 degree daily high temperatures at 7,500’ elevation – the warmest and greenest

Autumn in many years, but all of this mild weather does make it easier on livestock and wildlife.


The cow elk benefit from a late winter arrival and consequently will have a more robust calf next May. The bull

elk will regain the muscle mass and some of the body fat lost during the September/October rut which will help him

endure the harsh winter weather that usually comes in December, January and February.


Meanwhile, without snow, the game animals have not concentrated on their winter ranges. Lion, elk, deer and

bighorn sheep are wherever they want to be. Lion hunting is much more difficult without tracking snow and a

winter concentration of game.  The 2013-2014 lion season ended in April, with 10 hunters taking 9 lions.


The 2014 archery elk hunt produced shot opportunities for all of our guided hunters with the 7 hunters shooting

5 bulls. The drop camp archery and muzzleloader elk hunters had right at a 50% shooting opportunity.


Our guided New Mexico rifle elk hunters accumulated a 90% kill ratio with the 30 hunters taking 27 bull elk.


The 7 guided Colorado rifle elk hunters killed 6 bulls and our Colorado deer hunters scored 75%.

                                     We kill no cow elk in Colorado or New Mexico.


Our three Colorado bighorn sheep hunters all  took rams. We had a good season with some good people,

both hunters and guides.


                                         2015 HUNT SCHEDULE


New Mexico Archery Elk    1x1 guided, private land,  our fee $6,500.00    Sept 9-14 or Sept 17-22

New Mexico Rifle Elk          1x2 guided, private land,  our fee $7,100.00    Oct. 1-5:  Oct 8-12, or

                                                                                                                                    Oct. 15-19,  Oct. 24-28

New Mexico elk license cost is $634, no drawing  - private lands are on a license quota system.


Colorado elk licenses are available over the counter for the hunts that we have available:

    September archery elk drop camps in the Weminuche Wilderness, pack in by horse and mule,

     Up to 9 days, $1,800 per hunter.

Colorado rifle deer and elk, 1 guide per 2 hunters, private land, our fee is $6,200.00

     October 17-22, sold out.

     October 31-November 4, still available.  Deer licenses must be applied for prior to April 1st.


If we can plan a hunt with you, just call.

Happy Holidays to all of our good friends and past clients,